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Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

The Da Buddha is a desktop vaporizer from 7th Floor and is able to vaporize dry herbs.

Lets take a look at the Da Buddha vaporizer and what it can offer.da buddha vaporizer

The Da Buddha vaporizer does not have the same reputation as the Volcano another dry herb vaporizer, but it does still provide a good vape and is better than other vapes that have a similar selling price.

The Da Buddha is quick to set up and gets hot in 2 to 4 minutes. There is a mighty ceramic heating element and you are able to set the temperature to the ideal level. There is however no numbers on the dial so precision will take some practice.

There are not a lot of buttons or settings that have to be adjusted on the vaporizer, so you will be able to get satisfying draws right away. There is a ground glass connection that holds the wand in place. The only issue is that due to the angle of the wand, herbs fall inside the whip that can result in uneven heating. You will then need to stir the herbs frequently.

The Pros

  • Provides an above average vapor
  • An affordable desktop vaporizer
  • Ground glass hands free connection
  • High quality ceramic heating
  • Fast heat up time
  • Temperature can be customized
  • Easy to use.

The Cons

  • Herbs need to be stirred to prevent combustion and uneven heating
  • Glass components are fragile
  • No numbers on heating dial

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