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Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Review

The Arizer Extreme Q is a multi-use desktop vaporizer that is more affordable than the Volcano.arizer

The Design

The Arizer Extreme Q has a flat base plate and a tapered cylinder that has a shiny and metallic finish, which gives it a sophisticated look.

This vaporizer is able to use both bags and whips. The heating elements in the Arizer are ceramic. The Arizer Extreme Q also has glass parts, which sets it apart from the competition.


The Arizer Extreme Q has a remote control, which makes ease of use easier. With the remote control you are able to start up your vaporizer from your couch and then when it is ready, walk over and start to vape.

You will need to place your herbs in the bowl and insert them over the heating element. You will also need to attach your whip or balloon. Once you have everything attached you can turn the unit on and adjust the temperature and fan speed to your preference. The temperature control is pretty easy to use and the fan speed changes the density of the vapor. The slower the fan speed is then the thicker your vapor.


The fan on the Arizer is very quiet so it makes for a discreet device that also provides a relaxing vaping session.

It can be hard work to take apart all of the glass parts to clean them and if you drop them they will break. However, the glass parts do provide a clear vapor. The vapor also has a great taste that is due to the glass tubing and ceramic heating.

The tubing and the vaporizer though can get a little hot and they get gunked up quickly so the glass parts need to be cleaned after every use.

As you use the Arizer Extreme Q you will need to stir the herbs to ensure that they are getting vaped. This will also ensure that they do not get burnt.

You get everything that you need with the Arizer Extreme Q and this is a great unit. You get a full and tasty vape and can either vape with the balloons or the whip.

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