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How to Choose a Wax Pen

How to Choose a Wax Pen

A wax pen or a dab pen allows you to enjoy the benefits of oily waxes, without smoke so that you are able to limited your exposure to harmful toxins.

wax pen

With a wax pen, you are able to vaporize on the go as these pens are fitted with a rechargeable battery.

Wax pens are discreet as they are compact devices so it is easy to put a wax pen in your pocket or handbag.

When you look for wax pens, you will also find dab pens that are compatible with wax.

A wax pen is a vaporizer that has been designed to vaporize waxy oil concentrates. With a wax pen, you will find a heating chamber where your concentrate will need to be dabbed. The battery supplies the power, which will then heat up the material and produce the vapor. This vapor can then be inhaled through the mouthpiece.

Multifunctional and Single Function Dab Pens

There are two main wax pens available, which are multifunction vape pens and standalone wax pens.

Multifunction vape pens allow you to vape more than one material. This means you are able to use these vaporizers for wax, herbs and oils.

Standalone wax pens can only be used with wax and no other material.

Other Features to Consider

When you are looking at buying a wax pen, you will not only need to look at the function it offers and choose, which one is best for you, you will also need to look at other factors.

Battery Life

Wax pen vaporizers will have different types of batteries. There are some that allow you to vape for hours and some that will have shorter battery life. You will need to take into consideration how often you will be vaping.

Charging Options

Many dab pens can be charged with a USB, but you will find some that have more charging options. This includes plugs for a wall outlet and adapters for your car.


Wax pens differ in size with the smaller units having a smaller chamber and less powerful batteries, but these can be easy to carry around.


There are wax pens that have attachments, which you may find useful. For instance if you prefer a smooth, cool vapor then you may want to consider a water vapor pen with a glass water pipe attachment. You will need to look at the attachments on offer for wax pens and see if you find any beneficial.


There are many wax pen designs from simple to elaborate. You can choose a vaporizer that is sleek or one that is a little flashier.


The better wax pens will have a longer warranty. This is a great way to compare the quality of a vaporizer.


The price does differ with wax pens, but as there is such a broad range, you are sure to find one that fits your budget.

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