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Pax 2 Features and Tricks

Pax 2 Features and Tricks

The Pax 2 is the newest generation of Pax and has plenty of features to play with. It is important to note that the standby timer before changing any settings is 30 seconds from the last lip sense and the shutoff is three minutes from the last sensed use.pax 2

There are two versions of the Pax 2 and the features looked at here are the Pax 2 with Simon. The version without Simon will play Funky Town when shaken.

Pax 2 Features and Tricks

Spin Technique

When the Pax 2 is horizontal and spun three times smoothly it will change between modes. Shaking the Pax 2 will not count as a spin so be careful about this. There are a number of modes that it changes between.

Party Mode

The four lights are different and will go through different colors. The colors do seem to go in some sort of pattern. When the lip sensor is activated the speed of the colors change. The oven is on and the standby timer will be increased to one minute.

Party Timer

The four lights are still. When you move the Pax 2 the lights will start to move in a random configuration. If the unit is held face down the lights will begin to flicker. The lights will also flicker when the lip sensor is activated and will change rapidly for about 10 seconds. The lights will then freeze after 10 seconds of lip sensor activation. If you remove your lips and replace them it will start again. The oven will be on and the standby is disabled.

Light Painting

The four lights will have the same color and go through all of the colors when the Pax 2 is moved. When you hold it still the lights will go off. Waving the Pax 2 through the air will activate a stream of light that changes color. In this mode to turn the heater off you need to select the fifth available temperature and all the lights will be blue.

Color Carousel

This is where the lights will react to movement and position. When the Pax 2 is laid flat it will show blue. When it is face down the lights will be orange. Upright the colors will go through their cycle. You can turn the heater off by selecting the fifth available temperature and all four lights will be blue.


To enter Simon mode you will need to spin the Pax 2. The lights will flash three times in white. You are now in this mode. Hold the unit face up and horizontally. A pattern will be displayed on the lights. You will need to lean the Pax 2 towards the right light in order to repeat the sequence. This is a fun and unique. game. When you select the fifth temperature the heater can be turned off and all four lights will be blue.

Funky Town

When you turn the unit on you can faintly hear the tune Funky Town, but it is difficult to hear. To unlock this feature you will need to beat a 20-step sequence in the Simon mode. You will know you have unlocked this feature when the Pax 2 flashes four lights in blue, red, green and yellow and starts playing Funky Town. If you want to turn the sound off press the temperature button five times quickly.

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